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So I hear on Free Speech Radio News today that US special forces trained the same exact Georgian troops that invaded South Ossetia just days or weeks before the invasion.  And so then I looked and found an article from 1 month ago which discusses these US servicemen obeying their orders to train Georgian troops, the same Georgian troops that turned around and invaded South Ossetia.

This is an outrage and of course begs the question:  what exactly was the Bush administration's involvement in the instigation and lead-up to this invasion during the Olympics and right before an election.

This is of course classic "wagging the dog" before an election.  And who has more motive than the criminal Bush administration to wag the dog?

Georgian, US troops start military exercise amid escalating tensions with Russia

July 15, 2008

Georgian and U.S. troops started a joint military exercise Tuesday amid growing tensions between the ex-Soviet republic and Russia, a Georgian defense ministry official said.

About 1,200 U.S. servicemen and 800 Georgians will train for three weeks at the Vaziani military base near the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, ministry spokesman Mindiya Arabuli said. The drills were planned months ago and are not related to recent tensions over two separatist Georgian regions that are backed by Moscow, he said.


Georgia claims a string of recent explosions and border skirmishes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are part of a Russian plan to annex the regions, while Russia claims Georgia is gearing up for a mid to take control of the regions by force.

I particularly like that last bolded blockquote considering it was Georgia that invaded South Ossetia, NOT Russia.

Again, the professor I heard on FSRN explained that the same troops that were training with US special forces go on to invade South Ossetia... right before an election... right at the beginning of the Olympics.

Something smells foul here, like Dick Cheney's upper lip.

Maybe Conyers should take a look at this war started under false pretenses as well.

Wake up America.  You are being fooled by the Bush administration and their complicit media lapdogs.  This Georgia "crisis" was instigated by George Bush and Dick Cheney to distract you and to supposedly highlight John McSame's foreign policy credentials (which are little to none).

Someone needs to do something to stop these madmen.

Originally posted to a gnostic on Fri Aug 15, 2008 at 05:33 PM PDT.

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